A Half Naked Woman And A Serious Case of Child Neglect

A Half Naked Woman And A Serious Case of Child Neglect

A 9-year-old boy explained to police that his mum had told him to go get help. When help arrived, Rachel Richards was found with her underwear and pants down and told emergency services that she was pregnant and needed assistance. Mother and son were immediately taken to Manatee Memorial Hospital. It soon became clear, however, that she was not even pregnant. Upon closer inspection, they noticed that the boy was filthy and when asked, could not remember the last time he had eaten a good meal.

Richards was tested for drugs and came up positive. She admitted to using heroin on a daily basis but could not afford a healthy meal for her son. She was arrested for child neglect and held in Manatee County Jail.

What Richards did to her child is a terrible thing for a mother to do to her child. Hopefully she will realize it before it is too late and she loses her son to the system forever.

Mad World News reports:

A little boy ran into a Florida Salvation Army and was frantic for help, after fleeing from a field where his mom had stripped off her clothes. Emergency services soon arrived to the scene, where they made an alarming discovery about the half-naked mom’s body and what she was doing.

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