Another Major Company Attacks Trump – Look What They Said About the President

Another Major Company Attacks Trump – Look What They Said About the President

Another major corporation has decided to attack President Donald Trump because it’s the trendy thing to do.

Smirnoff, one of the worst vodkas out there, recently attacked Trump over his alleged ties to the Russians.

The ad read, “Made in America — But we’d be happy to talk about our ties to Russia under oath.”

Conservative Tribune reports:

The low blow suggested that Trump — who has been under a constant barrage of attacks and accusations since his November 2016 election victory — is somehow hiding connections between his presidential campaign and the Russian government. Democrats blaming former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s loss on Russian campaign interference — rather than her own weaknesses as a candidate — has been one of the biggest “fake news” stories in American politics.

Meanwhile, accusing the president of the Unites States of colluding with a foreign power — especial a rival as potentially dangerous as Russia — is serious business, but Smirnoff executives apparently thought it was a matter to make fun of.

In addition, following former FBI Director James Comey’s recent testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Trump noted that Comey’s statements indicated that Trump did not collude with Russia during the election, nor did he interfere when federal investigators began looking into the claims.

Smirnoff is the least Russian vodka out there. While the company started in Moscow in the 1860s, it relocated to the U.S. during the 1917 Russian Revolution and is now owned by the British-based liquor giant Diageo.

Why do major companies feel the need to take a political stand? Nothing good will come of that and you will only alienate your customer base.

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