Atheists STUNNED After Archaeologists Make MAJOR Biblical Find

Atheists STUNNED After Archaeologists Make MAJOR Biblical Find

Atheists are eating their words after archaeologists found something in the Sahara Desert that proves a major biblical story was real.

Daily Mail reported that researchers were stunned recently when they found the skeletal remains of ancient whales in the middle of the Sahara Desert. The only explanation for this find is the biblical story of Noah’s flood, as the find indicates that the desert was once covered in hundreds of feet of water.

The area where the fossils were found is one of the driest on the planet, meaning it’s miraculous to think that there was once water there.

Noah’s story is detailed in Genesis, which tells of how Noah built an ark that was able to withstand a massive flood. Noah was able to save every living species on Earth by taking two representatives from each onto his ark. The flood ended up wiping out every other living thing on Earth, but thanks to Noah, the planet was quickly repopulated.

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