Attack In Amsterdam – Terrifying Scene As 8 People Are Injured

Attack In Amsterdam – Terrifying Scene As 8 People Are Injured

Eight people were hurt in Amsterdam today after a car drove on the sidewalk injuring innocent bystanders.

The incident occurred near the main railway station in Amsterdam. The driver was arrested by local police after trying to flee the scene.

Local police are unwilling to label it a terrorist attack at the moment despite an increase in terrorist attacks in all parts of Europe.

Who needs a gun, when you have a car it seems? This act, of course, mirrors the horrible incident in New York recently.

Obviously more information will come forward as the story unfolds.

What is the world coming to?

The Political Insider reports:

We are getting reports out of Amsterdam, Netherlands of a possible London/Nice/Berlin-style drive-through attack. A car took to the sidewalk near a major train station and ran into a large group of people.

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