Ben Carson FINALLY Has Enough

Ben Carson FINALLY Has Enough

Liberals love to attack Donald Trump’s Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, as they claim that he is unqualified for the job due to his lack of government experience. However, ever since he started in the position, he has been doing a fantastic job.

A few months ago, Carson ordered an audit of the entire Housing and Urban Development Department and found $520 billion in bookkeeping errors. Now, a well-placed source in HUD is saying that Carson is preparing to reverse the Obama administration’s policy and return to a competitive bidding process to award Section 8 housing.

This move would be huge, as it would overturn the Obama-era methodology of using a grant-style process that was rebuked by administrators and ultimately the U.S. Supreme Court.

The HUD official explained that many of the steps necessary to change back to the competitive procurement method are being taken now, but he did not want to say when the announcement will be made as he did not want to taint the bidding process.

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