Breaking: FBI To Investigate James Comey After He Committed Huge Federal Crime

Breaking: FBI To Investigate James Comey After He Committed Huge Federal Crime

Maybe the most interesting and, in the same time, the most disturbing thing we learned from the latest Comey’s testimony is the fact that our former FBI Director is a LEAKER. He confirmed that he is responsible for the whole story about Donald Trump and he was directly involved in leaking important, self-written documents. But, Comey also said that he DELETED the memo.

His memo was a crucial piece of evidence and now it’s gone. Comey claimed that he asked a close friend to share the content of the memo with the media. Of course, the most liberal media of them all- the NYT.

Today, FOX News announced something HUGE! The strongest watchdog organization Jidicial Watch sent demand to acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe to investigate James Comey and his violation of the Federal Records Act. According to Judicial Watch, James Comey is clearly incriminated after he illegally deleted vital information.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton sent a letter to McCabe and Conservative Tribune shared the content of the letter. IMPORTANT: Judicial Watch are probably pursue a lawsuit against the bureau if their request is denied.

“As you may be aware, the Federal Records Act imposes a direct responsibility on you to take steps to recover any records unlawfully removed from the FBI.”– wrote Fitton in his letter according to CT.

Judicial Watch are pretty serious about this case and they want fast and effective investigation. The letter continues:

“Upon learning that records have been unlawfully removed from the FBI, you then are required to initiate action through the Attorney General for the recovery of records,”

Fitton made it clear when he said that NOBODY is above the law, not even the former FBI Director James Comey. Judicial Watch started another long ‘voyage’ to justice, and they need our help now more than ever!

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