Breaking: Germany Demands Immediate Prosecution of Obama – Found The Sick Thing He Did!

Breaking: Germany Demands Immediate Prosecution of Obama – Found The Sick Thing He Did!

The news lately have been flooded with former president Obama’s illegal acts, finally catching up to him.

As reported, he’s been wiretapping President Trump during the presidential elections, as well as everyone else who he deemed “dangerous.”

There is a lot of evidence proving that he actually did all of that. His back’s against the wall. There are even rumors of a soon-to-be-raised lawsuit against him for everything he’s done in the past 8 years, with a highlight on the surveillance issue.

A new report, suggests that he’s got a lot more to worry about, since he’s caught up in not just wiretapping the president. As reported by WikiLeaks, he even spied on foreign countries, one of them being Germany.

It was leaked that the CIA “used the German facility of Frankfurt as the hacking base, for their clandestine activities,” reports USA Newsflash.

And Germany reacts swiftly, requesting an immediate investigation and prosecution of Obama.

“The documents published by Wikileaks reveal that the CIA used Frankfurt as a remote hacking base for the clandestine activities. The top secret CIA unit the German city as the main starting point for a number of attacks all over Europe, China and the Middle East.”

As the chief prosecutor of Germany stated, the files released by WikiLeaks “warranted the investigation.”

How sad for Obama. His legacy, that he so hoped to protect, is long destroyed, and his real problem is just getting started.

The “do what you want” tactic while in office has served him quite a trouble, and quite a long list of lawsuits. There must be someone accountable for all the criminal acts done in the past 8 years. And we already have a good guess of who that might by.



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