Chelsea Clinton Slips Up – Accidentally HUMILIATES Michelle Obama

Chelsea Clinton Slips Up – Accidentally HUMILIATES Michelle Obama

There’s nothing Michelle Obama is more proud of from her time as First Lady than her infamous school lunch plan. That’s why it was humiliating for her this week when Chelsea Clinton jumped on the bandwagon and bashed it.

Young Conservatives reported that Chelsea weighed in on the problems with school lunches on Twitter on Friday. In doing so, she inadvertently highlighted the terrible job Michelle did on her school lunch program.

“Research again confirms kids pay more attention in class & better retain what they’re taught when they’re not hungry,” Chelsea wrote alongside a New York Times article on the importance of school lunches.

Chelsea somehow then blamed school lunch issues on Republicans, showing that she’s done no research on this issue. If she had, she would clearly see that it was Michelle who ruined the school lunches across our country.

Luckily, Twitter users then stepped in to let Chelsea know why school lunches can’t be free.

Given how proud she is of her school lunch program, Michelle Obama is DEFINITELY not happy about what Chelsea had to say!

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