CNN Contributor BLAMES TRUMP For London Mosque Terror Attack

CNN Contributor BLAMES TRUMP For London Mosque Terror Attack

On Sunday night, London was hit with yet another terrorist when a driver plowed through a crowd of people outside a mosque in Finsbury Park. Afterwards, CNN contributor Dean Obeidallah wasted no time in blaming Donald Trump and Breitbart News for this attack.

He quickly learned that this wasn’t such a good idea…

Obeidallah, a former attorney and part-time comedian, made the comment when he was asked about what the media can to do “de-escalate the animosity” in society. Here’s how he responded:

“You see it on Fox News, you see on the Breitbarts out there, really demonizing Muslims, portraying us as threats to America. You have people in the White House now like Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka. You had Michael Flynn — who is no longer part of the administration, who was on the board of directors for ACT for America, a group the Southern Poverty Law Center calls the biggest anti-Muslim group in America. You have Mike Pompeo, the CIA director, got an award last year from ACT for America. So you have a direct line from the White House to anti-Muslim bigotry. I really hope as a nation we can take a step back and stop over-sensationalizing hate. We saw a horrific attack this week on a member of Congress. Other members of Congress could have been hurt. It’s part and parcel of the same thing. It’s demonizing, ginning up fear, irrationally ginning up fear, and people responding in the worst way possible. So, I’m concerned.”

The backlash was swift, and Obeidallah took to Twitter to try and defend himself.

This did little to quell the outrage against Obeidallah by Twitter users demanding that he be fired.

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