Death Row inmate confident that new evidence would clear him. What a surprise!

Death Row inmate confident that new evidence would clear him. What a surprise!

In 2003, Marlon Kiser was sentenced to death for the murder of Hamilton County Deputy Donald Bond. Kiser proclaimed his innocence and suggested that his roommate, James Michael Chattin committed the crime and then framed him.

Kiser claimed that Chattin suspected his wife was having an affair with Deputy Bond. On several occasions, Chattin told people that his wife was seeing a cop and that he was going to kill him. Kiser claimed that early in the morning hours of September 6th, 2001, Mike Chattin murdered the cop.

According to Kiser, Chattin then ran to police accusing Kiser of the crime.

Kiser petitioned the court for post-conviction relief. As part of that petition, in March 2015, his attorneys had authorities test palm and fingerprints that were found on Bond’s flashlight and car.

The results revealed the prints were, in fact, Kiser’s.

Previous evidence linking Kiser to the crime included fibers from Bond’s clothes.

In an attempt to free their client, Kiser’s lawyers wound up sealing his fate.

America Now reports:

In an attempt to prove his innocence, a Tennessee prisoner on death row inadvertently provided more evidence that he committed the crime.

In 2003, Marlon Kiser was sentenced to death row for killing Hamilton County Deputy Donald Bond, Times Free Press reports.

Yet the man has repeatedly denied the charges, saying his former roommate – James Michael Chattin – framed him.

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