Democrats Have Been Plotting Since Trump Took Office…Look At What They Are Planning Next?

Democrats Have Been Plotting Since Trump Took Office…Look At What They Are Planning Next?

The Democrats are doing everything in their power to stop Donald Trump from achieving anything positive while he is President. Every step of the way, they are trying to impeach him or block him from succeeding with his policies. No other President in the course of history has had to deal with so much from their opponents and as reports show, it is only going to get worse.

The Democrats are now looking for ways to grind the government down. They want to slow down business to protest the Republicans’ replacement healthcare bill.

CNN have confirmed, “Part of that plan includes using aggressive parliamentary maneuvers that would bar committees from meeting for more than two hours and other roadblocks that would ultimately hamper the Senate’s efforts to schedule votes.”

The Democrats may call for an open process for consideration of the bill as part of their long and weary protest.

Trump posted back in April:

So far they are only working to prove the President right!

Democrats seem unwilling to repair Obama’s healthcare law. They have no intention to work alongside Trump despite strong calls for bipartisanship. They only care about themselves.

Allen B. West reports:

Since the day President Trump was elected, Democrats have been trying to find ways to make sure he can’t fulfill his agenda. At first, it was plots to try to overturn the election results. Recounts, Russian hacking allegations, and stealing the presidency through the electoral college were just a few of the insane ploys Democrats used to try and prevent Trump from seeing office.

Thankfully, none of these plans ever had a real chance of working. However, that hasn’t stopped Democrats from trying to block Trump once he did take office. Since then, the focus has been on attempting to impeach him or delegitimize his presidency. We have now spent months talking about Russian collusion… despite zero evidence to back up the claim.

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