Despite Ridiculous Claims Trump is Not Under Investigation

Despite Ridiculous Claims Trump is Not Under Investigation

Fake media struck again when earlier this week The Washington Post claimed that Robert Mueller was investigating the President. The information they published was apparently based on a collection of so-called anonymous sources. If this was the case, then this would come under the heading of an illegal leak. But then again, this is commonplace in politics at the moment (just ask James Comey!)

However, the real truth is that Mueller has not yet decided whether to even conduct a full-scale investigation. At this stage of the game, their focus is on interviewing senior administration officials to assess their communications with Trump.

Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas said in reference to Mueller, “He has not made that momentous decision to go for a full-scale investigation.”

Jay Sekulow, attorney to the President, also confirmed that there was no investigation into the President – either ongoing or planned.

The liberals are continuously twisting the truth to suit their own means.

The Washington Post broke a big story earlier this week claiming that the special counsel, Rober Mueller was investigating President Donald Trump for obstruction of justice.

Once again, this was supposedly based upon 5 ‘anonymous sources’ familiar with the investigation.

If that were true, and the information came out of the special counsel’s office, that would of course be an illegal leak.

But as it turns out with most of these leaks, it wasn’t exactly true, according to this ABC report from justice correspondent Pierre Thomas.

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