Diamond and Silk’s tweet got the President’s attention. You won’t believe what he did!

Diamond and Silk’s tweet got the President’s attention. You won’t believe what he did!

President Trump’s critics constantly complain about his use of social media. Since the President can’t trust the mainstream media to provide an unbiased account of things, he relies on social media to communicate, unfiltered, with his millions of followers.

The liberal media has been complaining about the President’s use of social media to comment about the Russia – Trump collusion investigation. They think that Trump should leave the reporting to them!

Social media personalities, Diamond and Silk, commented on the media fuss over the President’s use of Twitter.

We totally agree with Diamond and Silk’s assessment of the situation!

Their tweet even caught the eye of President Trump, who re-tweeted it on his feed.

Young Conservatives reports:

It’s very odd to me how people are still complaining about Trump’s tweets.

Article after article about how Trump needs to stop tweeting as if that’s somehow going to make a difference.

Trump is Trump. He’s not going to stop. And there are many valid arguments as to why he shouldn’t stop. Seems to have worked out pretty well for him.

Now, people are upset at him for retweeting a video of Diamond and Silk making the very accurate point that this Russia thing is a total waste of time.

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