Helicopter crash chilling video shows man almost decapitated by rotor

Helicopter crash chilling video shows man almost decapitated by rotor

The horrifying footage was captured on Austria’s highest mountain, the Grossglockner, around 11,000ft above sea level.

It shows a rescue helicopter attempting to pick up a mountaineer who had suffered a heart attack.

But as the helicopter got close to the ground, a massive gust of wind tipped it off balance sending it spiralling out of control.

With only one person successfully picked up in the chopper, another – in a high vis hello jacket – is seen ducking and diving to avoid being hit by the aircraft’s terrifying blades.

The pilot, 36, alongside a paramedic and flight rescuer, both 53, were all on board when they picked up the patient.

An eyewitness, who happened to be climbing the mountain at the time, filmed the terrifying scene from its peak.

Amazingly, all those on board were unharmed in the crash – with the paramedic suffering only minor injuries.

The accident happened last week but the footage has resurfaced online after it was shared hundreds of thousands of times on Reddit.

Viewers are stunned nobody was more seriously injured.

“Luckiest crash I have ever seen,” one person wrote.

Another said: “Well if he wasn’t having a heart attack before he is sure to have one now.”

“He was almost chopped up by the chopper, my god that was a close call,” a third added.

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