Is a civil war brewing in Florida as Muslims become even bolder?

Is a civil war brewing in Florida as Muslims become even bolder?

Entitled Muslims in America are used to being praised, protected, and pampered by liberal policies. They’ve  been enjoying a free ride courtesy of the Obama Administration, but that’s all coming to an end.

Since Donald Trump took over the Oval Office, the Muslim dream of complete domination of the United States has been dwindling away. And Muslims have made their feelings known.

Muslims in Florida have erected a huge message along a busy freeway.

At first, it seemed like a joke. The city of Tampa approved the huge billboard despite the anti-patriotic message it sends. Motorists in Tampa, however, were shocked to see that the Muslims who put up the billboard  were serious about their message.

At first glance, you might think the sign resembles President Trump’s campaign slogan and signage “Make America Great Again.” But it’s not!

The billboard says, “Making America Great” but then it goes on to say, “with love, compassion & mercy”. And just below that, the phone number 877-whyislam.

Naturally, one of the sign’s sponsors is the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an organization with ties to radical Islamic terrorism.


Will Islam make America great? Let’s look at Syria, Iran, Libya, and Europe to decide if Islam is really making any of them great!

Freedom Daily reports:

Muslims in America are becoming bolder than they ever have before as the threat of losing their “religious rights” and ultimately control is imminent under new leadership. They were praised and protected for eight years under our former president and now their plan for complete domination over this country is slipping away. Fed-up with being feared after every terrorist attack, Muslims in Florida just struck back at concerned citizens and President Donald Trump with a massive message along a busy freeway that cannot be ignored. Now, it’s only a matter of time before civil war erupts in the streets there based on what the sign says.

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