John McCain goes FULL-ON McCain. You won’t believe his BS!

John McCain goes FULL-ON McCain. You won’t believe his BS!

Somewhere along the line John McCain went off the rails. He hasn’t, however, had much success getting back on track. Although we recognize his commitment to duty and his war record as a POW in the Hanoi Hilton, we can’t ignore his recent stupidity!

John McCain said that Barack Obama was a stronger leader than President Trump.

The longtime RINO cited the President’s criticism of Sadiq Khan, suggesting America ‘doesn’t want to lead’.

McCain, who gave Obama an ‘F’ grade for his foreign policy, claims that Americans were better off then, than they are now!

When asked to explain, McCain told reporters: ‘What do you think the message is? The message is that America doesn’t want to lead. They are not sure of American leadership, whether it be in Siberia or whether it be in Antarctica.”

Note: It was Obama’s foreign policy of putting America last that gave rise to ISIS in the Middle East and his refusal to deal with the issue of terrorism that contributed to their successes.

McCain needs to come out as the liberal we all know he is and then retire with what little dignity he has left.

Clash Daily reports:

And you thought his nonsense — like saying ‘President Comey’ — during Jim Comey’s testimony was dumbfounding. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet…

The longstanding RINO and former Republican Presidential Candidate (how the hell did that happen?) has opined on President Trump and US leadership.

And he went FULL McCain.

It’s always dangerous to go FULL McCain…

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