Kim Kardashian shows her true colors! Why not, she’s shown us everything else!


Leave it to airhead Kim Kardashian to do something that is not only insensitive, but also racist. In case you missed it, Kardashian is going to release a line of cosmetics. In order to promote her latest project, she posted a picture of herself with a darker skin tone.

Admittedly, Kardashian has a black husband and black children, so it’s unlikely she realized the racial undertones of her picture post.

Social media users, however, weren’t impressed.

Was it makeup or photo editing software?

Yes, it’s cultural appropriation! Shame on you, Kim Kardashian. Shame on you!

It might be that poor little Kimmy doesn’t know what she’s doing. She just does stuff. Like stealing designs from independent designers and adding them to her clothing line. But it’s ok, after all, she’s Kim Kardashian.

Maybe Kim identifies as black. Shouldn’t that be enough for liberals?

Young Conservatives reports:

Kim Kardashian is in hot water after she posted a photo of her very-tanned self that Instagram users say looks like blackface, per BPR.

Kardashian can’t seem to please anybody these days—just last month, she miffed conservatives with a letter about gun control.

Check it out.

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