Liberals worried after what GOP lawmakers did just one day after shooting in Virginia

Liberals worried after what GOP lawmakers did just one day after shooting in Virginia

Wednesday morning, a crazed liberal took a high-powered rifle and tried to murder a group of Republican lawmakers during a baseball practice.

Congressman Steve Scalise was shot in the hip and remains in critical condition in the hospital. Four others were wounded during the attack including Captiol Police who formed part of Scalise’s security detail.

The gunman, however, died from his injuries on the way to the hospital.

Believe it or not, Democrats used the attack to suggested that this was a reason to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights. Despite the fact that the gunman was a card-carrying liberal himself, who was stopped with a gun, liberals continue in their anti-gun pursuits.

Unfortunately for them, they just got shot down as GOP lawmakers made a startling admission just one day after the shooting. According to reports, Texas Republican Rep. Roger Williams, a player on his party’s congressional baseball team, agreed with his colleagues who said that members having firearms would have been better for them when the gunman shot at the team Wednesday morning.

“Well it took the second shot for me to understand what was happening here,” Williams explained. “Everybody… we were sitting ducks. I mean we had no… we had nothing to fight back with but bats if it got to that. We were sitting ducks. I think he was not able to get on the field because the gate was locked on the other side. If [he had] gotten on the field it could have been a bad situation. But he was not able to do that. But we were sitting ducks.”

When asked if he thought members should be able to carry firearms in the Capitol and other restricted places, you can guess what he said.

“Remember two things,” he replied. “Well, first of all, I’m for the Second Amendment — a big second amendment guy and I’m from Texas. So yes, I would have felt a lot more comfortable if we were able to do that.”

Mad World News reports:

Although so-called “progressives” have been desperately trying to spin yesterday’s horrors, in which a crazed liberal opened fire on Republicans, it seems that not everyone is so keen on the idea. In fact, GOP lawmakers recently came forward to make quite the startling admission – and it has liberals panicking as it comes just one day after the shooting.

On Wednesday, a horrible incident left 5 people in the hospital after a gunman opened fire on a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, while the field was occupied by members of Congress as they practiced for an upcoming charity baseball game.

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