Look What This INSANE Radical Muslim Just Suggested About Europeans – He’s CRAZY [VIDEO]

Look What This INSANE Radical Muslim Just Suggested About Europeans – He’s CRAZY [VIDEO]

You know things are getting bad when radical Muslims start suggesting that Westerners are getting used to terror attacks and extremists.

On Saturday, London was rocked by a major terror attack that left many dead and injured.

Maajid Nawaz, a former Islamic extremist who evolved past his radicalism, suggested during a Tuesday appearance on “Fox & Friends” that Europeans are getting used to extremists.

“When even they appear in documentaries, telling us that they are extremists, telling us that they will not condemn ISIS, because we’ve become so accustomed to living among them, we don’t pay any heed to it,” Nawaz said.

“And this is the result, what we see happen on London Bridge.”

“This guy, I can tell you … not only had an ISIS flag, last Eid, last year, physically attacked one of my members of staff,” Nawaz told “Fox & Friends” Brian Kilmeade. “I can break that to you for the first time. Police within the last two minutes have confirmed that he did physically attack one of my members of staff.

“We reported him to the police as an extremist,” Nawaz added. “The police were very well aware of this guy, and unfortunately, Brian, it seems like we have become so accustomed in Europe and in Britain to extremists who are living among us.”

This is pure insanity. The last thing we need to do is just accept terrorism as part of life. We must continue fighting and rooting them out. The moment we become complacent, additional terror attacks can and will take place. We must remain vigilant during times like these and show the terrorists that we will give in to their cowardly tactics.

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