Lynch KICKED Comey out of Her Office After He Showed Her This One Item

Lynch KICKED Comey out of Her Office After He Showed Her This One Item

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch was as corrupt as they get.

She may have tried to act innocent to the media, but no one forgets her tarmac meeting with former President Bill Clinton where they agreed to let Hillary Clinton off the hook for violating the law.

According to reports, Lynch also kicked former FBI Director James Comey out of her office after he showed her evidence about her meeting with Clinton and how it showed she interfered with the investigation into her actions.

Conservative Tribune reports:

The evidence Comey had showed that Lynch may have involved a “communication between two political figures” that indicated the Justice Department was going to cover for Hillary Clinton, or evidence, as Circa put it: “that suggested Lynch had agreed to put the kibosh on any prosecution of Clinton.”

According to Circa, Comey said Lynch’s response to the evidence was right out of a Hollywood movie about backroom dealings in Washington.

“Comey said ‘the attorney general looked at the document, then looked up with a steely silence that lasted for some time, then asked him if he had any other business with her and if not that he should leave her office,’ said one source who was briefed,” Circa reported.

She acted in a way that suggests her guilt and instead of owning up to her fault; she kicked Comey out of her office because she knew she had been caught.

President Donald Trump weighed in on the drama and posted the following tweet:

The sad thing is, this is normal behavior for the Clintons, who act like the law doesn’t apply to them. Love or hate Comey, he truly wanted to indict Clinton, but was barred from doing so because of Lynch.

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