Marco Rubio Responded Perfectly When Asked About President Donald Trump [VIDEO]


It has admittedly been a very strange year in politics. While the liberals have been quickly losing the plot, even many Republicans such as Paul Ryan and Lindsey Graham have refused to unite their party during critical moments. However, choosing not to back President Donald Trump only makes the administration and their members even weaker. When will they realize it?

Marco Rubio when interviewed by Maria Bartiromo recently said, “President Trump’s success is America’s success.”

And it is so true!

Why don’t all the republicans, and even the liberals, have a similar attitude when it comes to Trump? Don’t they realize that it hurts the country as a whole?

Well done to Rubio for putting the country first.

Watch the full interview here:

Young Conservatives reports:

It has been very strange watching Republicans like John McCain lose their grasp on reality following Donald Trump’s election.

Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and many others have refused to unite as a party on more than one critical occasion.

Remember Reagan’s 11th commandment? What happened to that?

At some point, Republicans need to realize that going out of their way to attack the president does nothing but hurt the administration’s ability to get things done.

Marco Rubio put up a good fight against Trump in the presidential primary but it wasn’t his year when the votes were actually cast.

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