Massive New Evidence Ties Maxine Waters To Russia In A Way That Will End Her Career

Massive New Evidence Ties Maxine Waters To Russia In A Way That Will End Her Career

Maxine Waters continues to disgrace this great nation. She is leading the charge to damage and destroy President Trump or hurt him enough that his Presidency is a failure.

That’s what she really wants – for America to lose, or at least for this President to lose which is the same thing.

What do we do with someone like this? Someone so unhinged and far from reality that she is already calling for Trump’s impeachment based on some “Russian” ties.

The only thing really to do is dig into her past, as the Blaze did, and oh boy does Maxine have some explaining to do.

She, Maxine, the same one complaining about Trump and Russia has her own ties to the communist regime and in fact, she is much closer in ideology to Communist Russia than with capitalistic America.

Waters it turns out has a strong relationship with the pro-Russian, pro-Putin, anti-American communist group called the Workers World Party.

The Workers World Party is a left-wing group sympathetic to the plight of many enemies of the U.S., including North Korea, Iran, and Cuba.

The World Workers Party allegedly supports Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This is the major issue between Putin and the west.

And Maxine’s best friends are on the side of Putin on this and even Trump has said Crimea has got to be settled before we can move on.

And worse, we dug up a clip of Maxine telling people she wants the U.S. Government to take over and socialize big oil. That is what Putin did for God’s sake.

But Trump is Putin’s puppet? Give me a break Maxine.



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