Megyn Kelly Shocks Fans With Massive Announcement

Megyn Kelly Shocks Fans With Massive Announcement

Megyn Kelly’s career is in free-fall this week after she found herself in hot water for interviewing Infowars host Alex Jones. Now, she’s desperately trying to save herself by frantically editing the interview with Jones to make it look like she was “tougher” on him.

Infowars reported that Kelly has completely changed her interview with Jones before it’s Sunday airing by inviting Sandy Hook families on the program and making it look like she was harsher on him. This comes as NBC executives are struggling to deal with the furor caused by the interview, as many are furious that Jones believes Sandy Hook was a hoax.

A source says that Kelly personally called Sandy Hook families to ask them to appear on her show.

“NBC was scrambling to find a way out of this mess without having to back down and cancel Sunday’s episode of Megyn’s show,” the source said. “Megyn and her producers made numerous calls to the Sandy Hook families this week to ask them to appear on the show. Some refused because they didn’t think appearing on her show would do enough to counter Alex Jones’ venom.”

“Everyone on the show believes it’s vitally important that the piece conveys the immense pain that Jones has caused the Sandy Hook families,” the source added.

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