North Korean spy plot foiled when drone runs out of fuel.


Nobody has ever accused the North Koreans of being too bright. Kim Jong-Un keeps on threatening to nuke the United States and her allies. He’s undertaking a project to enable the Hermit Kingdom to strike targets in the US with nuclear warheads.

All in the face of UN sanctions and a military build up of US forces in the region.

In order to help protect South Korea and Japan, the United States has deployed the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense System (THAAD). The system is designed to destroy missiles in the air before they reach their targets.

South Korean officials have confirmed that they recently recovered a spy drone that was launched by North Korea to spy on the THADD Systems deployed in the Korean Peninsula.

According to official reports coming out of South Korea, the spy drone crashed when it ran out of fuel.

A SONY camera attached to the drone contained hundreds of photos taken over South Korea. The photos included at least ten aerial pictures of the THADD system.

According to reports, some of the pictures were taken barely a mile from the ground.

President Trump has declared North Korea the largest security threat facing our great nation.

Angry Patriot reports:

Tensions in North Korea continue to ramp up after the rogue nation tested their long range artillery and a new spy vehicle.

South Korean officials have confirmed that they recovered a North Korean drone that was deployed to spy on the American-built Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THADD) System in South Korea (via CNN).

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