Now that the Russia collusion story is losing momentum, the attention shifts to Loretta Lynch

Now that the Russia collusion story is losing momentum, the attention shifts to Loretta Lynch

Democrats have been pushing allegations that the Trump campaign colluded with Russians to steal the election away from Hillary Clinton. They haven’t produced one thread of evidence to prove their case, and quite frankly, people are getting tired of it. In fact, testimony from former FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have pretty much put the story to bed.

Now, Republicans and some Democrats are turning their attention to Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the possibility that she not only tried to obstruct justice, but also influence the outcome of the election.

Senate Republicans are eager to hear from Lynch after Comey raised concerns about her involvement in the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Comey revealed that Lynch had instructed him not to refer to the case as an ‘investigation’. Lynch told Comey to refer to it as a ‘matter’ instead.

Lynch’s instruction to Comey was in concert with the narrative Clinton’s campaign was pushing at the time.

This move could give Republicans a chance to pivot away from the investigation into Russia’s election meddling and focus on Lynch, who has long been a target of Republicans.

Young Conservatives reports:

This whole Russia thing looks like it’s pretty much dead to any rational observer that has actually been following what we actually know as opposed to what we are being told.

The Comey and Sessions hearing pretty much told us once and for all that there is nothing there.

Even some Democrats are noticeably shifting their talking points away from the collusion nonsense.

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