Otto Warmbier has died. The cause of his death is unclear …


Otto Warmbier, the 22-year-old student who was arrested at the airport in Pyongyang, North Korea for crimes against the state, has died. Warmbier was sentenced to 15 years hard labor in March 2016, but was released just a week ago. He was in a comatose state when North Korean authorities released him, claiming that his condition was the result of a combination of botulism and a sleeping pill.

“It is our sad duty to report that our son, Otto Warmbier, has completed his journey home,” his family said in part in a statement. “Surrounded by his loving family, Otto died today at 2:20 p.m.”

North Korea contends that Warmbier went into a coma not long after he was convicted of hostile acts against the country.

“There is no excuse for any civilized nation to have kept his condition secret and denied him top-notch medical care for so long,” Warmbier’s father said.

The young student’s cause of death is not yet known.

Young Conservatives reports:

ABC News is reporting that Otto Warmbier, the University of Virginia student who spent almost 18 months detained in North Korea, has died.

Warmbier returned to the United States in a comatose state last week.

His family determined he was brain dead as a result of serious damage, but the cause of the damage has been unclear.

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