Petty Liberal High School In NJ Takes Their Trump Hatred to the NEXT LEVEL – You Won’t Believe What They Did

Petty Liberal High School In NJ Takes Their Trump Hatred to the NEXT LEVEL – You Won’t Believe What They Did

A high school in New Jersey has taken their hatred of President Donald Trump to the next level.

In this year’s yearbook, the school decided that the First Amendment didn’t matter when they decided to Photoshop out a couple of students and their pro-Trump messages.

The school decided to suspend three students because of this.

Conservative Tribune reports:

The incident occurred at Wall Township High School in Monmouth County, an island of red supporters of President Donald Trump in deep-blue New Jersey.

According to the New York Post, 11th-grader Grant Berardo wore a black T-shirt for his yearbook emblazoned with the words “TRUMP Make America Great Again.” But when the yearbook came out, Berardo’s shirt was simply black, with the words invisible.

Another student, freshman class President Montana Dobrovich-Fago, submitted a Trump quote “think big” to run under her picture, but the quote never made it into the yearbook.

Her brother, junior Wyatt, wore a fleece with the word “Trump” stitched on it, the Post reported, but the president’s name was cropped out in the final publication.

Here is the original photo:

See below, the updated version in the video below:

But the high school may have violated the law by doing this. The Supreme Court decided more than a generation ago that the First Amendment applies to minors too.

“The landmark Supreme Court decision, Tinker v. Des Moines established students’ right to free expression it in 1969,” wrote Conservative Tribune.

So regardless of what the school thinks, these students have the right to show their support for Trump and they aren’t allowed to be punished for it.

The students are rightfully furious and bashed the school’s decision.

“This is just about the issue of censorship,” Grant Berardo’s father, Joe Berardo, said, according to “The kids should know that they can’t be censored, unless it’s rude or inappropriate. And from the teaching side of it, I think teachers have to understand that the kids don’t check their rights at the door.”

These students should fight for their rights. What the school did is unacceptable.

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