President Trump Spoke About Scalise Shooting – Media Silent!!

President Trump Spoke About Scalise Shooting – Media Silent!!

President Trump has come with a statement revealing the shooter of Congressman Steve Scalise at a press briefing. Here are the information about the suspect.

Congressman Scalise was a victim of a deliberate attack in Alexandria, Virginia. According to reports, the attacker was a Bernie Sanders supporter, a Democratic socialist, and here’s part of his Facebook news feed, you know, the information the liberal media will avoid to cover.

The President addressed the country early on Wednesday, saying that Hodgkinson had died. Trump then called for the United States to remain united, claiming that “we work together for the common good” the country is on a more stable ground.

Here are some of the photos the media will not show. Below is a photo the shooter posted on Facebook about 4 years ago.

2. Hodgkinson wrote on Facebook that “Trump is a Traitor. Trump has destroyed our democracy. It’s time to destroy Trump and co.”

At one time he even shared an anti-Scalise cartoon on Facebook.

Here is a group Hodgkinson was a member of.

In the past, Hodgkinson has been charged with battery and damaging a vehicle, reported the Washington Post.

Just to underline the insanity of liberals, here’s a post where they defend Hodgkinson.

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