Refugees must learn English or lose their Welfare Benefits


It seems logical that those who seek a better life and asylum in the United States should respect our way of life, and should assimilate into our culture willingly. Shouldn’t that simple request be mandatory for those refugees and asylum seekers entering the country?

Heck, yeah!

Australia has just proposed a set of rules for refugees entering the country that we might learn from.

The new rules would be tied to refugees receiving government benefits:

  1. Refugees must learn English, in order to keep their welfare payments;
  2. Benefits must be linked to English classes and not activity testing; and
  3. Refugees have a 13-week window for receiving benefits and must either find work or study.

The proposal to link welfare payments to refugees actually attending English classes is a more realistic approach for migrants arriving in Australia. They currently receive 13-weeks of government benefits, before they are required to find work or study. That means that refugees often give up learning English if they lose their welfare benefits.

Liberal Member of Parliament Jason Wood, told reporters about the dilemma that refugees and the Commonwealth face: “It is very apparent that the lack of English on arrivals for new migrants makes it extremely difficult, even though 510 hours of English is provided by government, evidence suggests most new arrivals only access about 340 hours.”

Maybe we can borrow a page from the Australian immigration policy.

US Herald reports:

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