Russia’s Just Did Something That Really ANGERED the U.S. Military

Russia’s Just Did Something That Really ANGERED the U.S. Military

Russia joined the likes of North Korea last week after it launched a missile of its own.

According to the “Washington Times,” Russia conducted a missile test of its Zircon missile, which travels between Mach 6 and Mach 8, or in layman terms, between 4,600 and 6,100 miles per hour.

The test is believed to have taken place near the White Sea in Northern Russia.

“Zircon is a ready weapon in the testing phase,” Russian military analyst Vladimir Tuchkov told Sputnik News, a state-run Russian website. “It is expected to be added into Russia’s arsenal between 2018 and 2020. The U.S. intends to respond to the Russian hypersonic missile in the mid-2020s. However, even these plans raise doubts.”

The Pentagon discussed the missile launch, calling it a “very serious threat.”

“The Russian development of hypersonic weapons is clearly a very serious threat,” Mark B. Schneider, senior analyst at the National Institute for Public Policy, told the Washington Times. The missile’s range of 620 miles “would give it very great capability against defenses,” as well.

“U.S. President Donald Trump has said the world will never see North Korea reach the final stage of developing nuclear weapons that could reach the U.S., but recent strategic weapon tests have proved the country is ‘not far away’ from testing an ICBM,” state-run Korean Central News Agency said, according to Bloomberg.

Various countries have been testing their missiles over the last several weeks, leading many to believe that the major powers of the world are preparing for an upcoming conflict.

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