Sassy 80-Year Old Woman SHOOTS HER BOYFRIEND In Drunken Domestic Dispute – This Woman Knows It’s Never TOO LATE To Live Young

Sassy 80-Year Old Woman SHOOTS HER BOYFRIEND In Drunken Domestic Dispute – This Woman Knows It’s Never TOO LATE To Live Young

Betty Jean Pardue, who is only 2 weeks away from turning 80 years old, was arrested on Wednesday evening in Huntington’s Beverly Hills neighborhood.

She allegedly shot her boyfriend in the chest over the course of a domestic dispute. She was arrested for her actions.

Her boyfriend was 69-year old Thomas Epperly. Epperly was able to call 911 at around 4:40pm after being shot in the chest once.

He survived the incident, remaining alert and conscious during his transport to the hospital. Epperly was described to be having serious injuries, but he is making a good recovery.

Police theorize that alcohol played a big role in the lover’s quarrel. Age is not a factor when you mix a domestic situation, a gun and alcohol. At that point, things are just bound to go wrong.

Pardue was issued a $10,000 bond, which was posted. Her hearing will take place on Wednesday June 14th at 10:30 am.

From Herald:
After being shot once in the chest, Epperly managed to call Cabell County 911 around 4:40 p.m. Wednesday and met first responders in the driveway under his own power, albeit with a bloody towel pressed to his chest. He remained alert and conscious as he was transported to Cabell Huntington Hospital with serious injuries, Huntington Police Chief Joe Ciccarelli said. Alcohol likely contributed to the dispute, Ciccarelli said, and at least one handgun was recovered from the neat, unassuming house tucked into a hillside along the road. “This isn’t typically a neighborhood where we get a lot of calls, but it’ll be up to detectives to determine what kind of history there is on these individuals at this location,” Ciccarelli said.
Aside from happening in a relatively quiet neighborhood, the oddity of the suspect’s age was not lost on police or neighbors. “This is unusual, but anytime you have firearms mixed with alcohol in a domestic situation, this is how it could end up regardless of age,” Ciccarelli said. Neighbors gathered across the street in shock as Pardue was taken away in handcuffs. One man living across the street said the two had been quiet and friendly neighbors and had even watched his young children on occasion.

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