She was raped by asylum seekers, but a few months later she gets revenge …


She was lured to a party where she was attacked by a pair of asylum seekers. The two men took turns raping her, leaving her tramatized.

This story is all too common in Europe these days. The incidence of rape in Sweden has increased 1,472 percent since the mass Muslim migration and 77 percent of all rapes are committed by the 5-percent Muslim population.

After three girls were invited to mingle with asylum seekers, they were given alcohol, which they were not used to drinking. Three Muslim refugees, who were living in Sweden as “unaccompanied minors,” got the girls so intoxicated that they passed out.

Afghani refugees Aziz and Abdul, who both claim to be 18, and Omid, who claims to be 17, took turns violently raping two of the girls, leaving severe bruising over much of their bodies. The third girl, who was severely intoxicated but conscious, banged on the locked door in a futile attempt to save her friends. When she threatened to go to the police, the asylum seekers opened the door, called her a whore, and hit her in the face.

Although Aziz and Omid were both sentenced to be deported after serving just 22 months in prison and 10 months in juvenile detention, respectively, Abdul was given just 5 months in a youth facility and will be allowed to remain in Sweden as a refugee.

Mad World News reports:

After being lured into what she believed was a friendly party, a girl was viciously attacked by a pair of asylum seekers who took turns gang-raping her. Once the traumatized victim discovered that one of her rapists won’t be deported and will walk free in just a few months, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

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