Terrorists Fire RPG at American Helicopter – You Won’t Believe What Happens Next [VIDEO]

Terrorists Fire RPG at American Helicopter – You Won’t Believe What Happens Next [VIDEO]

The American military is the strongest military in the world, but our military might makes us the target of terrorists throughout the world.

A new video has surfaced showing a group of terrorists in the Middle East firing an RPG at a Chinook helicopter.

While this blast would normally be devastating and likely take the aircraft down, this tough Chinook stood strong and continued to fly.

Conservative Tribune reports:

The video shows the helicopter taking off with an unknown number of people aboard. Almost immediately after liftoff, an RPG is fired from the ground nearby.

The RPG strikes the aircraft in the back, but miraculously the helicopter continues to fly. That must have been a real shock to the terrorist on the ground who fired the rocket — who was undoubtedly expecting to knock the bird out of the sky.

It appears that the explosive hit the back of the aircraft, near where troops and/or equipment would be loaded onto the helicopter. That is most likely why the aircraft was able to continue to fly — it wasn’t struck in a vital area.

If the rocket had hit one of the Chinook’s rotors, it likely would have caused the aircraft to crash into the ground, possibly killing all those on board.

See the full video below:

This is why the American military is the greatest in the world. You can fire a rocket at us and we will keep going. Let this serve as a message to all the terrorists out there in the world, we are coming for you and we will destroy you.

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