Thief Learns the Hard Way What Happens When You Mess With These Tough Construction Workers


A thief learned the hard way in March what happens when you try to steal tools from a group of tough construction workers.

Home surveillance footage captured the thief trying to steal tools from a construction site in the Dallas-area Park Cities neighborhood, but the construction workers quickly caught the thief in the act and taught him a lesson he will never forgot.

According to reports, the thief got out of his vehicle and grabbed a $1,200 saw before jumping in his car and taking off.

The construction workers saw the theft and one of them jumped on the hood of the thief’s car.

The thief continued to drive away with the worker on the hood. Another construction worker hopped in his work truck and rammed the thief’s car.

Conservative Tribune reports:

Rick Bauchman, who lived nearby, watched the video footage and told KTVT that he was “astounded” that the worker jumped on the hood of the car, but understood the outrage.

“I wish they’d caught him and beat the bejesus out of him,” Bauchman said.

Another neighbor, who wished to remain unidentified, told KTVT that she saw the situation unfold from her front porch, including aspects of the dramatic chase that couldn’t be seen on the surveillance video.

“And at that point the red car stopped, backed up, turned around, and came flying back past me with the person still attached to the hood,” the neighbor said.

Sadly, the thief ended up getting away in the end. The video of the robbery has since been viewed more than 2.2 million times on YouTube alone.

Police later said that no one was hurt in the robbery, including the worker who jumped on the hood of the car.

What a crazy story. It’s too bad the thief got away. Share this story on social media and leave a comment below.


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