THREE Reasons Why CHARGES Could be Filed Against FIRED FBI Director


The testimony of fired FBI Director James Comey last week was more revealing about Comey than it was of President Donald Trump.

There are at least 3 areas where Mr. Comey could potentially find himself legally exposed if the Department of Justice decides to investigate him as outlined by Jonathan Turley in The Hill.

At the top of the list is Comeys’ decision to leak his memo’s to the New York Times. The information in the memo was created solely due to Mr. Comey role as FBI Director. The information that Mr. Comey leaked to the press was potentially part of an FBI investigation.

Secondly, Comey alluded to his belief that President Trump was trying to obstruct justice by asking Comey to give Michael Flynn a break. If Comey did indeed believe that the President was trying to influence him, then he had an obligation as an FBI agent to disclose his conversation with his superior, the Attorney General.

Finally, it is a crime steal, sell, or convey, “any record, voucher, money, or thing of value of the United States or of any department or agency thereof.” If the memo was created on an FBI-owned computer or on government property, then it belongs to the federal government, not Mr. Comey.

Whether or not there is the pursuit of these potential crimes by Mr. Comey, he showed himself to be totally lacking in ethics.

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