Time Timer 8 INCH, 60 minute visual analog timer with flip out legs and optional alert

Time Timer 8 INCH, 60 minute visual analog timer with flip out legs and optional alert

Price: $24.99 - $10.86

Make every moment count with The Original Time Timer. This 60-minute visual timer has helped people manage time for over 20 years. It’s simple: when the red is gone, time is up! Designed to help manage the age-old question, “how much longer,” the Time Timer reinforces the concept of elapsed time better than any other tool.

Using the 8 Inch Time Timer is simple and intuitive – move the red disk into position and the timer is set. As time expires, the red disk disappears moving in a clockwise direction.

The Time Timer has an on/off optional alert which helps reinforce when time is up and can be turned off for silent work environments. Portable and quiet, the 8 Inch Time Timer is a great way to promote efficient time management and focused concentration at work, school, and home.

The 8 Inch Time Timer can stand on a desk using a pair of legs that open from the back. The timer is also designed to hang on the wall. Simply collapse the legs flush to the back and hang on a screw using a hole centered on the back of the timer.

The Original Time Timer is the heart of the classroom, the boardroom, or your desk.

Original 60 minute visual timer with its signature red-disk to show exactly how much time remains, making life’s routines easy and productive.
No loud ticking; quiet operation! Optional alert when time is up. Perfect for classrooms and sound sensitive environments.
Time Timer is ideal for classroom, office, home, and special needs
Trusted resource for over 20 years by educators and professionals worldwide
The timer is 7 1/2 inches wide by 7 1/2 inches tall

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