Trump Drops Bombshell After Comey’s Testimony – Here’s What He Said

Trump Drops Bombshell After Comey’s Testimony – Here’s What He Said

The Liberals had high hopes on Hillary Clinton winning the election. They lost and are still licking their wounds. Fast forward to June of 2017, and this time their hopes to beat Trump were pinned on James Comey’s testimony. They had imagined all kinds of imaginary crimes committed by Trump in the White House. What a  story they had told themselves, all backed up by the liberal media of course.

None of it came to fruition! In fact, they learnt that Comey was a criminal who leaked his memo to the New York Times. But more than that, the memo he leaked contained untrue information.

The words – told you so – absolutely spring to mind. The liberal party is a joke and a sore loser. Comey too!

And you can bet that if we are upset, so is Trump. In fact, his attorney is already planning on filing a complaint against Comey over the mishandling of his memos.


Allen B. West reports:

Anyway, Comey’s testimony ended up containing more damning information about Comey than it did Trump. In fact, as we reported yesterday, Comey himself may have admitted to breaking the law when it came to the leaking of his memo that the New York Times quoted in their explosive (and now we know, untrue) report that Trump had asked Comey to cease his investigation into Michael Flynn.

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