Trump’s Lawyer Sets the Record Straight – Here’s What He Said About the Comey Tapes

Trump’s Lawyer Sets the Record Straight – Here’s What He Said About the Comey Tapes

President Donald Trump’s lawyer, Jay Sekulow, set the record straight on Sunday during an appearance on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

In his appearance, he suggested that Trump would likely address the “Comey tapes” sometime this week.

In May, Trump tweeted this:

“The president said last week he would release the tapes of — if there were tapes — of his conversation this week,” host John Dickerson said. “That hasn’t happened. Where is that?”

“I think the president is going to address that in the week ahead,” Sekulow said. “There was a lot of issues this past week. The president gave a major address (on) Cuba, but we had the assassination attempt of Steve Scalise. There were a lot of intervening factors.

“So the issue of the tapes, I think right now was not priority issue number one when the country was facing an assassination attempt on Steve Scalise and other members of Congress and their staffs, by the way … This issue will be addressed in due course and I suspect next week.”

Conservative Tribune reports:

The general consensus among those ubiquitous “anonymous sources” in Washington is that Trump doesn’t have tapes. One individual who worked with Trump told CNN he thought there was “no chance” the president taped the conversation and that he was “just having a little fun.” Another individual “familiar with the operation” of the Secret Service on discovering listening devices in the White House said there was no mechanism to record the conversation.

If that is the case, was this a miscalculation on the president’s part, or a clever deflection? Or, does he actually have the tapes? While the unfolding of events will prove in time whether the president made the wrong decision, you certainly can’t accuse him of inducing boredom in the District of Columbia.

Do you believe there are tapes, or is James Comey trying to take Trump down with empty threats?

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