Video: MAN Fills His Pants Up To The BRIM – He Is SO SHOCKED That Police CAUGHT HIM In His OBVIOUS PETTY THEFT

Video: MAN Fills His Pants Up To The BRIM – He Is SO SHOCKED That Police CAUGHT HIM In His OBVIOUS PETTY THEFT

Police officers can hardly believe their eyes after reviewing some CCTV footage that came from a 7-Eleven in Florida. This case is going under the category of “you can’t make this stuff up.”

A man had trouble keeping his pants up on his body as he was exiting the store. The reason behind his troubles is that his pants were full of products that he was trying to shoplift.

He filled his pants with 30 used DVD’s and 15 bottles of motor oil.  The man did not get far with his booty.

An unmarked patrol car which was holding a plainclothes detective was nearby, sitting outside of the shop. The officer saw the entire fiasco unfold before his eyes.

In the video, the man can be seen dejectedly shaking his head, disappointed that his plan was not executed to perfection as he pulls out what seems to be an endless supply of motor oil from his bottoms.

The man was arrested for his terrible attempt at robbery. This latest attempt at petty theft brings his grand total off arrests up to three, which makes this latest set of charges fall under the category of a felony.

Video Can Bee Seen On PIX11:
Check out the video from a 7-Eleven in Florida. You can see a man trying to keep his jeans up and make it out of the store. But that wasn’t so easy — because they were full of stolen goods: 30 used DVDs and 15 bottles of motor oil, to be specific. Wearing baggy jeans, William Jason Hall walked into the store and allegedly loaded up with the oil bottles. Then he stacked the DVDs, one on top of the other, and slid them down his pants. But he didn’t get far.
An plainclothes detective in an unmarked patrol car was sitting outside and saw the whole thing. He brought Hall back into the store to unload what was weighing him down. One by one, he pulls out bottle after bottle of the motor oil – shaking his head as his plan falls through.


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