WATCH: Antifa Thugs ATTACK Fox News Reporter In Phoenix

WATCH: Antifa Thugs ATTACK Fox News Reporter In Phoenix

After President Donald Trump’s rally in Phoenix, Arizona last night, Antifa terrorists descended on the convention center where he spoke to try and create as much violence and chaos as possible. Unfortunately, FOX Business Network host Jeff Flock quickly found himself caught right in the middle of the violent scene, and he couldn’t believe what he saw.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Flock watched in shock as protesters launched attack after attack on Phoenix police officers, hurling bottles and rocks at them. The police officers finally had no choice but to set off tear gas and percussion grenades on the Antifa thugs.

“Holy sh*t!” Flock exclaimed.

At one point, an Antifa thug was seen flashing gang signs behind Flock, showing just how much danger he was in:

The mainstream media is trying to make it look like this Antifa mob was completely peaceful, but these videos prove that this was not the case at all. SHARE this story so we can expose what REALLY happened in Phoenix last night!

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