Woman gets fake $20 from Bank of America ATM

Woman gets fake $20 from Bank of America ATM

Darcy Fox was more than a little upset when she discovered a fake 20 dispensed from a Bank of America ATM. She withdrew $300 back in April but noticed something strange in her cash. One of the bills simply didn’t look right.

“Went and got cash out of bank machine at bank,” she wrote on Facebook later that day. “One of [the] twenty dollar bills was frayed and worn and taped together so I went into the bank to get it replaced.”

While standing in line, Fox noticed that the bill had the words, “Motion Picture Use Only” printed on the back.

Fox asked to speak to the bank manager to make him aware of the fact that the ATM was doling out fake money. The manager refused to replace the 20 bacause it was fake.

“I think [the manager] figured he would forget about the inconvenient truth,” she wrote in another post. “The reality is the bank committed fraud against me by pulling money out of my account and giving me fake money and not making it good.”

Opposing Views reports:

A Seattle woman is annoyed after she said a Bank of America ATM gave her a fake $20 bill.

Darcy Fox went to the bank on April 24 to withdraw $300. When she got her cash, she immediately noticed that one of the bills didn’t look right.

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