Woman Learns a HARSH Lesson About Why You Shouldn’t Text and Walk [VIDEO]


A woman from Plainfield, New Jersey, recently learned a tough lesson about the dangers of texting and walking.

Multiple surveillance cameras caught the 67-year-old woman walking down the street while texting.

Unaware, the woman tumbled headfirst into a six-foot deep hole in the ground where workers were repairing gas lines.

Conservative Tribune reports:

The woman reportedly suffered serious, and was carefully extracted from the hole by firefighters and EMS workers on a backboard before transporting her to a nearby hospital.

The unidentified woman was listed in serious condition.

While it is admittedly somewhat humorous to watch oblivious texters trip over obvious obstructions in their path, the humor ceases when that person is seriously injured.

Hopefully the woman can make a full recovery, but let her accident be a warning to anyone that texts and walks, bikes, or drives.

Do everyone a favor and put your phone away while you are traveling about.

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