You Won’t Believe What Lena Dunham Said About Fathers on Father’s Day

You Won’t Believe What Lena Dunham Said About Fathers on Father’s Day

With every major holiday, liberals always feel the need to try and find something to bash.

The unfunny Lena Dunham was no exception this Father’s Day, when she tried to criticize hardworking fathers in a cringeworthy, social justice warrior tweet.

The original tweet was deleted by Dunham, but not before a screenshot was snapped.

Trump Jr. was having none of it and tore into Dunham for trying to ruin Father’s Day for hardworking fathers.

Dunham later tweeted this after deleting her original tweet:

People like Dunham sicken me. Yes, there are single mothers out there who work really hard and provide for their families, but that shouldn’t discredit all the hardworking fathers that work just as hard to provide for their families.

Why do people like Dunham need to feel like only one gender can be a parent? A healthy family consists of both a mother and a father, working as a team to raise their children. It isn’t a competition, nor should it ever be.

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