You Won’t Believe What This Muslim Family Did At A Petting Zoo!

You Won’t Believe What This Muslim Family Did At A Petting Zoo!

A Muslim family was unceremoniously kicked out of a family petting zoo in the Netherlands. The family screamed accusations of Islamophobia after being asked to leave.

Huub van Leijsen, the owner of the Pukkemuk petting zoo in Dongen, Netherlands, has worked hard to keep his business child-oriented and fun for the whole family. All that changed when an Islamic family showed up last week and shocked the crowd with their antics.

According to reports, Huub noticed children looking “anxious” in an open area of the zoo not long after Muslim customers arrived. After making his way through the crowd to get a closer look, he couldn’t believe what he saw.

Three burqa-clad women, three Muslim men, and eleven children had begun to use the area for prayer. With their faces to the ground and butts in the air, the entire family had disrupted the other families’ experience.

Hoping to keep the patronage from his other customers, Huub asked the Muslim family to leave because of their discourteous display.

I did not put them out,” Huub said. “I asked them to ‘not stay too long.’ This because of the reactions of my other guests.”

The Salam family has pressed charges against Huub for discrimination. Investigators will determine whether Huub’s petting zoo will be prosecuted.

Mad World News reports:

When a Muslim family arrived at a petting zoo, customers began to feel uncomfortable after seeing what they were doing in front of their children. Bucking political correctness, the owner immediately threw the family out of the zoo — but that didn’t stop the Muslims from immediately screeching “Islamophobia.”

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