‘ABC Sunday’ Implicates 60 Trump Associates & GOP Hell Is Breaking Loose

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Donald Trump had a very bad week, and from the Sunday morning TV news shows, it appears to only be getting worse. Since the Republican House members did not do their jobs and investigate the White House, Democrats have to get up to speed fast. Judiciary committee chair Jerry Nadler may have just stunned Trump into silence.

Nadler appeared on ABC’s The Week with George Stephanopoulos. He said:

‘Tomorrow we will be issuing document requests to over 60 different people and individuals from the White House, to the Dept. of Justice, Donald Trump Jr. … to begin investigations…

”It’s very clear that the president obstructed justice (but) impeachment is a long way down the road.’

In addition the committee will ask for documents from a startling number of organizations, agencies, and people. Nadler said he was investigating “obstruction of justice, corruption and abuse of power:’

‘Tomorrow, we will be issuing document requests to over 60 different people and individuals from the White House to the Department of Justice, Donald Trump Jr., Allen Weisselberg, to begin the investigations to present the case to the American people about obstruction of justice, corruption and abuse of power.’

Then, Stephanopoulos asked the committee chair what if they “find no collusion:”

‘How about if Robert Mueller comes back and says definitively, we find no collusion by President Trump? Is that a conclusion you’ll accept?’

Nadler added that he needed to see the “evidence behind” the charges.” Plus he said that he believed that his investigation “goes far beyond collusion:”

‘Well we’d want to see the evidence behind that and see the validity of that and we can agree to disagree. But this investigation goes far beyond collusion. We’ve seen all the democratic norms that we depend on for democratic government attacked by the administration.’

Then, the committee chair noted Trump’s “attacks on the freedom of the press,” the Department of Justice (DOJ), and on “our constitutional system:”

‘We’ve seen attacks on the freedom of the press, the press called the enemy of the people, we’ve seen attacks on the Department of Justice, attacks on the FBI, attacks on — on judges. All of these are very corrosive to liberty and to the proper functioning of government and to our constitutional system. All this has to be looked at and the facts laid out to the American people.’

Nadler pointed out that the people of the United States have to see and accept that Trump had committed all the crimes the Democrats said he committed. He commented that it is a “very high bar:”
‘Before you impeach somebody, you have to persuade the American public that it ought to happen…(It’s a) very high bar. (Democrats) may or may not get there.But what we have to do is protect the rule of law.’

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9.9k shares, 1158 points

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