After Secrets Come Out About Her Boyfriend, AOC Tries To Deflect Attention By Attacking Amazon … Again!

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-Stalin (D-NY) is having a bad week.

And it’s not just her. Her boyfriend, Riley Roberts, is now at the center of what could turn into a legal and ethical investigation.

We first reported on the disturbing details of the case yesterday, when multiple reports surfaced that AOC was caught red handed funneling thousands of dollars to her boyfriend.

Turns out, that might have been illegal.

And if not downright criminal, at the very least highly unethical.

From Twitchy:

Remember Luke Thompson? He’s the guy we told you about last week whose account was locked by Twitter after he started asking questions about why Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s boyfriend has an official House email account.

The MSM blew Thompson off, as did AOC’s Chief of Staff, Saikat Chakr.

But Thompson, not satisfied with the excuses offered up by AOC’s office, kept digging and found that a liberal Super PAC paid AOC’s boyfriend $6000 during the campaign at a time when the campaign was deeply in debt.

Oh, and the payments are possibly illegal.

All of this could be illegal:

Even if it’s not illegal, it does raise ethical issues:

As we reported yesterday:

Days ago Ocasio-Cortez was called out for giving her boyfriend a paying job on her staff.

She and her chief of staff feigned outrage and said that he was not being paid.

They claimed he only had a Congressional email to check on her calendar for her and that it was common practice.

And they were, in part, telling the truth but not in the way that normal people tell the truth.

She and her chief of staff had found a much more clever way of paying her boyfriend that would not be caught as quickly.

“A rich guy used a PAC to pay @AOC’s boyfriend $6,000 when her campaign was running out of money. After AOC won, she gave that rich guy a job in her office. Follow me on a journey,” author Luke Thompson said.

“Last week, @AOC and her Chief of Staff @saikatc (the rich guy in question) freaked out on me when I pointed out it looked like she’d hired her boyfriend. I did some digging in the FEC. Turns out Saikat has “hired” her boyfriend, before…just not to do any actual work,” he said.

“[email protected] paid Brand New Congress LLC, which @saikatc owns, for strategic consulting. @BrandNew535, the PAC Saikat ran in parallel to his LLC, turned around and paid Riley Roberts – the boyfriend – the same amount as its sole “marketing consultant”. How swampy,” he said.

“The payments to Roberts are the largest payments made by @BrandNew535 to any person or group other than Brand New Congress LLC. Oh, and Roberts doesn’t work in marketing,” Thompson said.

And now that things are starting to look pretty grim for AOC and her significant other (her and Roberts aren’t married), the young millennial Socialist is trying to deflect attention by–you guessed it–attacking capitalism! And conservatives! And Amazon (again)!

Because you can always blame all your problems on the other guy.

AOC went straight after Amazon again as soon as reports started to leak out about her boyfriend.

From The Daily Caller:

Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez criticized a prominent conservative group Wednesday night for erecting a billboard in New York City’s Times Square criticizing her for running Amazon out of the state.

“Few things effectively communicate the power we’ve built in fighting dark money & anti-worker policies like billionaire-funded groups blowing tons of cash on wack billboards (this one is funded by the Mercers),” she tweeted, noting the conservative group Job Creators Network funded the billboard. The group is tied to the Mercer Family Foundation.


Ocasio-Cortez and other local politicians and activists publicly opposed Amazon’s move to the city. …

What do you think of this?

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