Another Hate Crime Hoax As High Schoolers Accused of Racist Attack, Evidence Shows Truth

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A New Jersey school was the victim of another fake hate allegation when a woman claimed her son was taunted for being black.

The woman, Stefanie Dickerson, claimed that the students and parents of Wallkill Valley High taunted her son, Nasir Dickerson with monkey noises and racial slurs, reported.

Stefanie Dickerson, the mother of Lenape Valley senior Nasir Dickerson, said the taunts directed at her son were clearly heard throughout the game by numerous spectators, but Wallkill Valley officials and game referees failed to put a stop to it.

Stefanie Dickerson said her son also was called a “monkey.”

She posted a written message and video clip from the game Tuesday to Facebook, sparking scores of outraged comments and calls for Wallkill Valley fans and staff to be punished.

“It’s horrible,” she said. “He’s a great kid, a good student. He felt like he was singled out because he’s the only black boy on the team. He doesn’t understand why this is happening to him.”

Parents from Wallkill told The Federalist papers that security had to be increased at the school as threats were phoned in.

Are fake hate crimes an epidemic?

Students were also subjected to threats and taunts online as the story gained ground in the local media, the parents said.

One man, Emmet S. Weinman, of Morris Plains, 19, was arrested for making death threats against the superintendent and athletic director, NJ Herald reported.

But listening to, and watching video from the incident, did not show anything that Dickerson had claimed happened.

And now an investigation has shown that there was no evidence to prove any of the woman’s claims of racism and taunting, reported.

“Based on the investigation, there is insufficient evidence to support the filing of a criminal complaint against any party at this time,” the SCPO and Hardyston police said in a joint statement. “This determination is not made lightly, and law enforcement in Sussex County has no tolerance for racist or discriminatory behavior.”

The New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association asked both schools to submit incident reports from the game, and the complaint has been forwarded to the Division on Civil Rights. The NJSIAA investigation is ongoing.

Eric Warner, Dickerson’s attorney, said Monday night “it remains our contention that the video speaks for itself.” He also reiterated that he believes monkey noises can be heard clearly in audio from the game.

Warner believes that the probe was skewed and, big surprise, the family is filing a lawsuit against the school.

Parents told The Federalist Papers that the students, including the black players on the Wallkill team, bark at all opposing players.

Checking video of other games that Wallkill has played does show that the students do bark at the opposing players at al of their games, but that is not good enough for Warner.

“While it is our contention that such barking at sports events also has racist roots regardless of whether the spectators are aware of said roots or not, there were also individuals making ‘eek’ ‘eek’ sounds, that cannot he confused with dog barking,” he said, NJ Herald reported.

Ok, it was racist monkey noises, but even if it was not racist monkey noises it was sill racist because, hey let’s have a lawsuit.

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