AOC Spreads Fake News About Trump Jr. ‘Criminal Conspiracy,’ He Delivers Smackdown

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is having a bad day, and it just got worse. After she was accused of serious campaign violations, the 29-year-old decided to spread fake news saying Donald Trump Jr. is involved in a “criminal conspiracy.” Well, immediately Trump Jr. delivered a smackdown setting the record straight and leaving the former bartender looking like an utter fool. You”ll love this.

Donald Trump Jr. and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Photo Credit: Mark Wilson/ Getty Images, Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been caught spreading a huge lie claiming Donald Trump Jr. is part of a criminal conspiracy. And who is the authority of the information AOC is spreading? Well, none other than Micheal Cohen, the disgraced and disbarred attorney who was found guilty of lying to Congress.

“ICYMI: Rep. Khanna got Cohen to testify that Don Jr. is the ‘second executive involved in criminal conspiracy,’”  Ocasio-Cortez tweeted on Friday, adding that this is a “big deal.” Yes, this is a big deal, but not in the way AOC says. It’s a big deal when a sitting member of Congress spreads fake news about the president’s son. 

“But all Ocasio-Cortez is doing here is spreading a lie told by the prison-bound Michael Cohen during his congressional testimony this week,” Breitbart reports. “All of this nonsense surrounds the perfectly legal hush money President Trump paid to porn star Stormy Daniels. She blackmailed the president during the campaign and threatened to go public with the claim the two of them had a one night stand a dozen years ago.”

He ended up paying her off, which is not illegal. In fact, Cohen backed up President Trump’s claims that paying off blackmailers was something they called “Catch and Kill.”

In shocking testimony, Cohen also made it clear it mattered not if these blackmailers were telling truth or lies. Anything that would reflect badly on the Trump organization falls under “Catch and Kill,” and as a business practice, this is what most all big brands engage in. 

“Let me again point out that there is absolutely nothing illegal about ‘Catch and Kill,’ nor is there anything illegal about paying off blackmailers threatening to expose you with the truth or a lie — and Trump claims Stormy Daniels is lying about their one night stand, and as you will see, Trump has been forced to use ‘catch and kill’ to silence liars,” Breitbart added.

Cohen admitted Trump has been paying off women going back more than a decade, so none of this is a campaign finance violation. History proves he would have paid these women off had he not run for president.

So, Donald Trump Jr. isn’t involved in any “criminal conspiracy.” It is just plain ludicrous and anyone who would allege that is showing their utter ignorance. That’s why Trump Jr. quickly shot back at AOC and proved her wrong with a retweet which included a Wall Street Journal article titled, “Cohen Erroneously Identifies Donald Trump Jr. as Executive Cited by Federal Prosecutors.”

“Except shockingly, you’re lying,” Andrew Surabian tweeted. “Cohen’s claims about Don Jr. here were 100% inaccurate as the Wall Street Journal correctly reported.”

Although she has only been in the U.S. House of Representatives a couple of months, Ocasio-Cortez has already been caught deceiving voters on numerous occasions:

  • The World Will End in 12 Years
  • My Green New Deal Document Is Not My Document
  • “Alex from the Bronx” Is Really “Alexandria from Wealthy Westchester“
  • I’m Jewish!
  • ICE Commits Human Rights Abuses
  • The Pentagon Misplaced $21 Trillion
  • The Unemployment Rate Is Low Because People are Working Two Jobs

Americans weighed in on AOC spreading fake news about Don Trump Jr. “Her agenda is to SLIME the @POTUS and the TRUMP family, Facts do NOT matter to her, She will use anything to try to do this !” tweeted Randall Smith.

Dan Atchley tweeted a picture of AOC with a meme which says, “When I’m asked who was the brains behind the Green New Deal, I say trust me there were no brains behind it. ”

Well, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s bad day really did get worse. Someone on her staff should make sure the 29-year-old Socialist doesn’t weigh in on issues that are way over her head. Time and time again she spouts off nonsense and looks like a fool.

After you’re caught looking like a fool so many times, people start to believe you really are a fool. That’s exactly what is happening with AOC now. She doesn’t misspeak, she is that dense. The Congresswoman is so out of her depth she makes Maxine Waters look like a genius. As soon as the Millennials grow up, AOC will find she no longer has a following. That day can’t come soon enough for patriotic Americans who are disgusted the Bronx phony has any sway at all.

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