Bikini Coffee Shop Gets License Revoked, Owner Says It Is Government Overreach

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A bikini themed coffee shop believe that the local government is overreaching on its barista’s underdressing.

The city council in American Canyon, California voted unanimously to revoke the license Bottoms Up Espresso.

The coffee shop has scantily clad women in bikinis serving its beverages and the city council believes it is an adult business because of the tiny costumes, Fox News reported.

An unconventional coffee shop in California is finding itself at the center of controversy – yet again – as a result of its servers’ skimpy styles.

At a meeting on Tuesday, city council members in American Canyon voted unanimously to revoke a license granted to Bottoms Up Espresso, after critics argued that the “bikini barista” coffee shop was operating more like an adult business than a café.

The coffee shop, which has multiple locations in the Bay Area, originally secured its American Canyon location in December, SF Gate reported.

City officials claim they received complaints about the servers’ outfits following the store’s opening, prompting a community director to speak with the owner.

“I met with one of the owners on Jan. 4, 2019 who informed me that he intends to require the employees at the American Canyon store to wear costumes that are as revealing as the costumes worn on staff at other Bottoms Up Espresso stores,” Brent Cooper,a community director said.

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“The business owner provided a ‘dress code.’ The costumes in the ‘dress code’ are revealing to a degree that the business meets the definition of an adult business per the city’s Municipal Code,” he said.

But the owner of the establishment believes he would win in court, but has decided to move the business.

“We have decided to move on from that location due to the fact the city will waste a bunch of taxpayers’ money to fight us in court, where if we wanted to make a point would win,” the owner, Nate Silver, said.

“We do not fall into ‘adult entertainment’ as they suggest. The license was revoked before we even opened or went to any appeals. The city is acting beyond their powers and shows you how even small government abuses their powers,” he said.

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