Clinton Was With 1 Woman But Trump’s Screwing Whole Country, Regrets It

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Joy Behar led a discussion on “The View” regarding all the Democratic investigations currently open which are all hoping to trap President Donald Trump in some wrongdoing so great he’ll have to resign. Talking about how former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment backfired, Behar declared Clinton “was with one woman,” whereas Trump is “screwing the whole country.” Well, she was made to regret it big time. You’ll love this.

Bill Clinton (left), Joy Behar (middle), President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: Darren McCollester/Getty Images, YouTube/Screenshot, Mark Wilson)

Joy Behar and the shrews of The View were overjoyed as they discussed all the idiotic Democratic investigations going on right now as they hope to impeach President Trump. Nevermind it’s a complete waste of taxpayer money to hold these investigations when we haven’t even ended the Special Counsel.

Even Megahan McCain, who has turned into a rabid Never Trumper, was praising Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who is making a big deal out of getting Trump’s tax documents. McCain also is brainwashed into believing the president “colluded” with Russians to win the election, but then she told the audience, “But, collusion isn’t a crime.” Anyone who has done research knows Trump didn’t collude with anyone to win the election, and McCain once again proves she has gone completely over to the dark side.

Well, that brings us to big mouth Behar and her idiotic comparison of Bill Clinton and President Trump.

Joy Behar said a possible impeachment of President Donald Trump would be different than the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton because she maintained the former president “was with one woman,” whereas Trump was “screwing the whole country.”

Behar said, “If you look at history, follow the money got Nixon, and it got Al Capone.” Isn’t it rich Behar skips over the fact that Bill Clinton has been accused of rape by Juanita Broaddrick? That Katheleen Willey alleges Clinton “hit-men” killed her cat and terrorized her for years? Or, what about Monica Lewinsky who was called a “liar” and a “bimbo” by Hillary Clinton and her band of sycophants?

How come not one of the shrews brings up Bill’s alleged sexual assaults? Aren’t they suppose to be advocating for the #MeToo movement? Or is it their hatred of President Trump eclipses their so-called feminist stances? Sunny Hostin, the so-called attorney on The View, proved this is about their Trump hatred.

“I’ve been saying it from the very beginning. I’ve been saying, this is about campaign finance law, you know the hush money, the workaround so he would sort of elude and, you know, the American public’s perception of having an affair with a porn star right after your wife just had a baby,” said Hostin.

“He didn’t want the American people to know that about him. I think we need to look at the Emoluments Clause,” claimed the so-called attorney. “The fact He’s lining his pockets and putting his financial interests before the interests of our country. I think that is where we need to go. If you’re the oversight committee, that’s what you need to look at.”

Maybe Hostin missed the part where Americans are sick and tired of vilifying Donald Trump over his alleged one night stand with Stormy Daniels, who he paid off to go away and shut her trap regardless if the one night stand happened. And as much as the shrews want to will that payment as “hush money” and transform it into a campaign violation, Micheal Cohen proved it was not.

“Catch and Kill” was a known policy the Trump organization implemented when outside sources claimed something nefarious against the organization or Trump himself, and whether the claim was true or not, Cohen testified he would pay off the person if it made sense. It’s a common practice among the rich and famous. Going to court would cost more usually than just paying someone like Daniels $130,000 dollars — regardless if her claim is true or not.

And since it was a pattern at the Trump organization, it is not a campaign violation. Someone needs to tell that brilliant attorney Sunny Hostin. Well, Americans also thought the shrews sounded like kooks. “You won’t touch Clinton rapes because your a liberal hack, BS,” tweeted Nelson Torres.

“Joy has no class. The left is so angry and evil these days. You would think with the greatest foreign policy in decades, lowest unemployment with black and Latino Americans ever, wages and jobs still climbing out of the Obama suppression years would make even a left winger happy? Ah well, maybe the next 5 -1/2 years with Trump will get them off the anger,” Kenneth Friant commented via Breitbart.

Twitter user “Mary” tweeted, “When A Group Of Idiots Get Together, They Sound Like Idiots.”

Joy Behar and the shrews had their hopes pinned on the Robert Mueller investigation. Now, that the leftist media has poo-pooed Mueller claiming he doesn’t have the good on Trump, Behar and her clan have switched it up, looking for any port in a storm to get Trump.

Do they not care that there is a possibility all of this is bogus? No, they don’t. Even if it was proven to them Trump hasn’t done a dang thing to warrant all these investigations, they would demand he be removed. This is about mentally unstable people who are on TV, and like zombies they need Trump ousted for good or they will die. Well, we don’t allow mentally unstable zombies to run this country, nor should we allow them to be on live TV. The president will be vindicated, and the shrews will be long forgotten in the end.

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